We take great pride in providing excellent services that has been receiving positive feedbacks from many customers.We also welcome any (constructive) comments from you to further improve the quality of our services.

Dear Helen,

Thank you for your patience with regard to this feedback email.

We had a wonderful time in Vietnam, thanks to your organisation and the great team you have developed.
The trip was perfect !

Through conversations with other travelers we met along the way, we realized how fortunate we were to have chosen your company for our trip. The timing and order of travel was excellent resulting in good weather conditions and comfortable travel throughout our trip. We loved each of the places we visited and felt that we were active but didn't feel rushed or under time pressure.

The accommodation was just right for our needs and the staff at each of your chosen hotels were friendly, courteous and helpful. The rooms and facilities were all clean and comfortable. We also truly appreciated the extra considerations such as the breakfast and morning room arrangements at A25 in Hanoi when we arrived on the overnight train. It helped us to freshen up for the day ahead.

Your guides and drivers were on time every time to pick-ups and drop-offs etc and couldn't have been more helpful. It was great to have someone like Eddie in those first few days in a new country and we were able to relax and enjoy our trip right from the start. Our visit and home-stay in the Mekong was wonderful. Every one of your guides was friendly, personable and open to all of our questions and requests. We felt that they genuinely wanted to give us the best possible experience in their part of Vietnam. We were particularly impressed with our guide in Sapa, who told us that she was not a permanent employee of yours, but who had been brought in for our visit - she was excellent and we highly commend her to you.

Nha Trang during the day and Hoi An at night were beautiful and the motorcycle tour in Hue with Koah and his dad was just great ! You get a very different perspective of the traffic from the back of a bike - but we felt very safe with them and we again commend them to you.

We loved the Halong Bay cruise - the experience was so peaceful and relaxing and the two days / one night timing was just right for us. The region is just awesome. We were also pleased and grateful that you booked us on the smaller 8 cabin vessel as we felt that the group was a perfect size for friendly, personal interaction without feeling crowded. The leader and crew were very helpful.

We want to congratulate you on your organisation and attention to detail regarding all aspects of this trip. We thank you most sincerely for an unforgettable visit to your beautiful country. You managed the big things well, but it was the many small considerations you included along the way that made the trip so enjoyable. It was also great to meet you in person in Hanoi. We will certainly be recommending Cheap Asia Tours to anyone who asks us about our trip and travel to Vietnam.

Once again, thank you.

Janice & Paul Larson.