Traditional H’Mong houses on the Dong Van rocks
Posted On Wed, Oct 29, 2014 by Travellive
Dong Van Rock Plateau in Ha Giang is beautiful and charming with not only rocks and wild nature, but also special cultures of ethnic people, especially the H’Mong people, whose traditional houses are remarkable.

Their houses manifest their richness, social statuses and their time of settling in the region. The nature, difficult topography and severe weather conditions of this region have had a strong influence on their architectural styles. Furthermore, the geographical elements, environments, customs and habits have formed extraordinary architectural styles of H’Mong people in the rock plateau.
H'Mong traditional house at Dong Van Plateau - Vietnam Northern Tour
Traditional house of H'Mong people at Dong Van Plateau

The architectural style of H’Mong houses is based on one model, regardless of whether the family is rich or poor. The main house features 3 compartments and two doors (a main and an extra one) with at least two windows. The house may have one or two lean-toes, however, these are not linked to the three compartments of the main house. Among these three compartments, the middle one, normally the largest on is for worshipping ancestors and welcoming guests and having meals. The left compartment is for cooking and also the bedroom of the house owners while the right compartment is for the fireplace and the bedrooms for guests.
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